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The real estate expert is an independent professional whose job is to define in all impartiality and with precision the value of real estate, businesses or companies.

His knowledge of the local real estate market allows him to establish references to determine the market value or the rental value of a property for housing, agriculture and forestry, office, leisure, a business, a craft or industrial good.

The real estate expert generally intervenes at the request of an individual, a company, a notary, a lawyer, a bank or insurance company on the occasion of a sale transaction, purchase, inheritance, divorce, partition, tax adjustment, company contribution, claims,….

The real estate expert is competent in matters of:


Real estate appraisal of your property:
– In case of inheritance, divorce, partition or donation
– In order to insure it at its fair value
– To know its value when buying or selling


Real estate appraisal of your property from time to time:
– Bank loans or bridging loans
– Refinancing
– Amicable sale in the event of foreclosure


– Evaluation of commercial walls
– Calculation of retail space, revision of rents
– Determination of compensation for eviction or expropriation


– Property valuation for IFI declarations (Tax on Real Estate Fortune)
– Establishment or verification of real estate surfaces


– Annual estimate of real estate assets of mutual and insurance organizations

The types of goods we appraise:

Residential real estate

Properties, houses, land, apartments, investment buildings.

Commercial real estate and industrial premises

Workshops, factories, warehouses, offices.

Commercial real estate

Shops, businesses.

Exceptional goods

Castles, hotels, atypical properties.

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  • Caputo-Expertises is a firm specializing in real estate valuation and commercial property for individuals, traders, companies and institutions.
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